Avelino Corma, Polytechnic University of Valencia

Talk title: Design of Materials and Solid Catalysts by Bioinspiration

Alberto Credi, University of Bologna

Talk title: Playing with Molecular Rings and Strings: New Directions for Nanoscale Switches, Machines and Motors

Ben Feringa, University of Groningen

Talk title: Dynamic Molecular Systems: From Switches to Motors

Frank Glorius, University of Münster

Talk title: NHCs on Surfaces and Imidazolium Salts in Membranes – Reaching the Next Level

Clare P. Grey, University of Cambridge

Talk title: TBA

Donald Hilvert, ETH Zurich

Talk title: Evolving Virus-like Nucleocapsids from a Bacterial Enzyme

Wilhelm T.S. Huck, Radboud University

Talk title: On the Origins of Chemical Evolution

Matthew Kanan, Stanford University

Talk title: Chemistry for Solving the Carbon Problem

Mercouri Kanatzidis, Northwestern University

Talk title: 2D and 3D Halide Perovskites: Remarkable Semiconductors

Rafal Klajn, Weizmann Institute of Science

Talk title: Self-assembly as a Tool to Construct New Materials from Nanoparticles

Corinna Schindler, University of Michigan

Talk title: TBA

Tanja Weil, MPI for Polymer Research

Talk title: TBA